Bob Gatzen '08 Clinic Description

The basis of Bob’s 08 workshops is in the connection between Sound, Feel, Emotion, and ultimately, Passion.
Sound> Feel>Emotion>Passion

The 1-hour program entails a series of mini-drum solos where Bob will demonstrate tuning techniques (Tonal & Timbre Tuning) discuss design-technology and present “Quick-Tips” changing the sound, feel and style in which the drum set is played.

Bob’s philosophies have proven successful on his popular YouTube channel with 1.5 million views in the first year. He will entertain the audience by sharing his somewhat bizarre view that the drum set can be viewed as an “animate” object, full of life and energy.

“Yes, I talk to my drums! Unlike other musical instruments, we literally create the drum set, like a sculptor shaping raw materials into something tangible. The goal is to entertain my fellow drummers while stressing 3 basic philosophies…Best it can Be, Small Details make Big Differences and Priority, the things that matter most, should never be compromised. This is a recipe for personal achievement, an example of success that inspires others”.


Bob Gatzen bio

If you were to describe Drummer-Producer-Inventor Bob Gatzen in one word, it would be…”diverse”. Bob is a multi-faceted artist who believes that we are now in an era of “choice” and diversity is the key to success. He is quick to point out that drum set performance, music production and product innovation share exactly the same mindset. His motto is Explore-Discover-Create. Bob credits much of his success to having the greatest teachers. He studied with Joe Porcaro through grade school, Al Lepak while at Hartt College of Music and then with world re-known vibist / educator, Gary Burton at Berklee College.

Between 1972-2002 Bob and his wife, Jo-Ann owned and operated Creative Music Inc., an innovative educational / retail operation where workshops, clinics, live performances were the special of the day. Bob promoted jazz performances in local clubs enlisting the who’s who of the NY / Boston jazz scenes to guest-perform with his jazz group, Moto.

Bob lead the improvisational percussion ensemble Spiral, featuring the Baschet Sound Sculptures from Paris , France. Spiral was awarded grants from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts for their innovative program, Music in Museums.

It was during the Creative Music years that Bob established himself as a pioneer in the percussion industry through his groundbreaking design work in product innovation and video production. Bob holds an abundance of U.S. and international design patents for Evans Drumheads, Drum Workshop, Noble & Cooley, Zildjian Cymbal Co., Regal Tip Drumsticks and DrumFrame Ltd. Bob has received many prestigious international MIPA (Music Industry Press Award) awards for his design work. In 2005 Modern Drummer Magazine awarded Bob the “Editors Choice Achievement Award” penning Bob as the “Renaissance Man”.

Bob is a BMI artist and publisher producing DVD projects for Warner Bros. Music Publishing and Alfred Publishing. He composes music for his DVD and CD projects at his home studio located in Connecticut under Redeye’s Music Publishing. In addition, Bob created and produced the “Inspiring Drummers” video series for Warner Bros. Publications.

Bob's new DVD includes his original best-selling Warner Bros. Video, “Drum Tuning, Sound and Design” plus an hour of new footage featuring his “Simplified” method of drum tuning.

Bob’s latest endeavor is a children’s program, START with the Arts (, a non-profit organization whose mission is to instill creativity and original thinking in children between the ages of 8-12. Additionally the program to promotes academic reform, balancing creative endeavor and academic achievement in public school curriculums. Bob composes and produces the DVD/CD series for START. The DVD series, “START Cookin”, features high-profile celebrities. The CD series, “STARTunes” spotlights lyrics on idea-making principles.

Currently, Bob is filming a DVD series and presenting clinics based drum set performance and how it relates to originality, style and the creative mindset. His YouTube channel is extensive, with 1.5 million views in the first year. In 2008, he will be presenting creative workshops at colleges throughout the US for Evans Drum Heads.