Gary Asher

Gary Asher hails from Birmingham, Alabama, and balances his time between a busy performance schedule, and his position as Director of The DRUMSCHOOL.COM. His background includes a 20 year career in music store retail Management, Promoter of countless clinics, and hosting hundreds of visitors to his Drum Museum. Gary has built the 'World's Largest Drum Collection', including 300 drum sets, and 700 snare drums. He will be bringing up many items of interest, including an 'Ocheltree Timeline' selection of Jeff Ocheltree snare drums.

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Jack Lawton - Lawton Drum Company

Jack Lawton is the proprietor of the Lawton Drum Company, located in Sunbury Pennsylvania. In a relatively short period of time, Jack has accomplished himself as one of the premier drum builders and vintage repair craftsmen in the country. He also has the distinction of being known as the guy that commissioned and coordinated the production of the replica 'Top Hat and Cane' drum covering in 1999. Lawton Drum then wrapped the snare drum shells for the Ludwig 90th Anniversary issue drums.

Besides a busy schedule of performances and drum students, Jack is also the Director of The Pennsylvania Vintage Drum Show. In it's 15th year, it is the second - longest running drum show in the country, and this year's show is scheduled for October 31st, 2009. Click here to visit Jack's website.


William F. Ludwig III

With this being the 100th Anniversary of The Ludwig Drum Company, I am thrilled to have Bill back as a guest at this year's show! Former owner of Not So Modern Drummer Magazine, and the surviving member of 'America's First Family of Percussion', Bill continues to advise and write for the magazine, and represent it at Drum Shows. Bill had quite a career at Ludwig Drums, serving as their first full-time Artist-Relations Manager, and at the same time, the Advertising Manager. During his tenure between 1976 and 1991, he built the ranks of Ludwig endorsees to a total of 150!  He also conceived the legendary 'group shot' poster series of Ludwig Artists. And Bill accomplished all of this in an era of no cell phones, no e-mail, and before the arrival of the 'over-night delivery' services. For our show, Bill has agreed to hold a question and answer session, and as a tribute to father, will perform the 'Three Camps' rudimental solo on a rope drum. This dates back to the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and was a featured part of his father's 'History of Percussion' lecture series. It was performed at the memorial service for William F. Ludwig II, last April in Chicago. Bill will be assisted by Jack Lawton, and long time Ludwig aficionado, Jim Ogle, both of whom performed it with "The Chief". Field drums will be provided by the Cooperman Drum Company.


Joe Montineri

A Connecticut native, Joe Montineri has a long background in the world of drumming. He grew up as a close friend of Jeff Porcarro, and they were reunited when he moved out to Los Angeles. This gave Joe a close up view of the studio scene, the drums that were used, and how to make them sound their best.

As a long time consultant, and former Product Development Manager at Keller Products, Joe was responsible for the design and development of their Vintage Mahogany, and Vintage Maple shell line. Joe has built a large customer base of 'big time drummers', and many professionals think of him as the original 'boutique' drum builder in the country.


Joyful Noise Drum Co.

Quickly becoming the standard for recording artists in Nashville and Los Angeles, Joyful Noise Drum Company's Studio Line snares will be at this years CT Drum Show . The Studio Line series is inspired by the nickel over brass vintage drums of yesteryear favored by session players and recording artists. The Studio Line shells are hand-selected for their vibrance, tonal balance, pitch and then processed for the application of a pure Silver patina and sealed in Carnauba wax. The special process employed to patina an instrument actually creates a significant sonic difference in the drum, which results in an extremely open and vibrant tone. The Studio Line model hardware consists of 2.5 mm solid brass bright nickel-plated triple flanged hoops, 10 Corder solid brass bright nickel-plated tubelugs, and the "One Touch Classic" snare strainer system. All of these components result in an instrument that is both breath taking sonically, as well as, visually.