RCI International will unveil The RCI Liquid Crystal Starfire Drum Kit created by JohnnyC. After two months of working day and night Starfire is now ready for all to see and play at The Connecticut Vintage & Custom Drum Show in April.

Starfire is the largest Acrylic Drum Kit ever created in the world that allows the player to play three different drum sets in one. This is done from the same sitting position without getting up and by only moving to the left or right within the kit.

There are three different drum sets in Starfire that can be played to cover a wide varitey of music.
On my left is The Funk Fusion Kit for funk, fusion, R&B, rap, etc. using smaller snare drums, toms and bass drums. To my right is The Heavy Metal Orchestra Kit for heavy metal, classic rock and orchestra using larger snare drum, toms and bass drums.

In all this set is A Melodic Monster called Starfire!! I am very proud of this creation and all the hours of planning that went into making it a one of a kind drum kit.

So this April come see us at The Vintage & Custom Drum Show !!
On hand will be many fellow Endorsees to talk see play RCI Drums along with many other drum companies.

Hope to see you there!!