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Drum Wars

The music of Carmine and Vinny Appice

With both drum sets facing each other in battle position, the two rock drumming legends hit the stage with energy and power that REALLY EXPLODES!

Never seen before rock drum duets written by Carmine & Vinny captures the audience from the beginning, driving them to their feet! This hasn’t been done since Buddy Rich vs. Gene Krupa, but now rocked out to the max!

Together with years of playing arenas with groups, Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven and Hell, Rod Stewart, Vanilla Fudge, OZZY, Blue Murder, and Jeff Beck. Vinny & Carmine perform their hits that were played for countless fans worldwide “live” on stage with the awesome Drum Wars band, at times featuring both Appice’s playing together,

Hear the hits:

  • Holy Diver - DIO
  • Bark At The Moon - OZZY
  • Do Ya Think I'm Sexy - ROD STEWART-The heavy version.
  • We Rock - DIO
  • Lady Evil - BLACK SABBATH
  • Crazy Train - OZZY
  • Rainbow In The Dark - DIO
  • Superstition - BECK BOGART & APPICE
  • Mob Rules - BLACK SABBTH

And the grand finale, an explosive APPICE DRUM BATTLE to the very end!!!

A blend of Music, Drums, Showmanship, Comedy and the EXCITMENT of battle, the show never stops! ”You've never seen anything like the power of Carmine and Vinny playing Crazy Train together” AWESOME !!! as said by fans who have seen the show.

DRUM WARS - The Music of Carmine and Vinny Appice is a unique, memorable and powerful musical experience!



Vinny and Carmine break out the heavy artillery in this entertaining no-holds barred battle to the finish. Carmine and Vinny...Vinny and Carmine! Don't know which one comes first, which one had the moustache first, or which one has the best legs! However, they are both great artists in their own genre. Carmine's track record includes Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, B.B.A. (Beck, Bogart and Appice), and Rod Stewart, to name a few. Not bad! Vinny has driven John Lennon, Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven & Hell. Not bad! (I've been stuck with one band for 40 years - The Boston Symphony).

From the initial downbeat of this sibling confrontation, this specatcle culminates in the final battle of Drum Wars. The Ultimate battle both playing with great power, imagination and musically spirited. So now, Drum Wars. The tour which Carmine and Vinny demonstrate their sensational playing abilities. It is comedy in that they leave Laurel and Hardy very secure! It is entertainment in that it is great fun. Sincere, open and honest.

Both drummers play great solos and great ensemble work in their own inimitable style. Their years of experience are reflected in their ability to respond musically to each other. I personally am honored to have them both as friends and musical colleagues.

May the musical battle continue!
- Vic Firth